Radiation Detection and Measurement

Radiation Detection and Measurement

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This is the resource that engineers turn to in the study of radiation detection. The fourth edition takes into account the technical developments that continue to enhance the instruments and techniques available for the detection and spectroscopy of ionizing radiation. New coverage is presented on ROC curves, micropattern gas detectors, new sensors for scintillation light, and the excess noise factor. Revised discussions are also included on TLDs and cryogenic spectrometers, radiation backgrounds, and the VME standard. Engineers will gain a strong understanding of the field with this updated book.Figure 7.7 Block diagram of the counting electronics normally associated with a G-M Chapter 7 Counting Efficiency tube. ... The parallel combination of R with the capacitance of the tube and associated wiring (shown as Cs) determines the time ... With alpha particles, absorption within the window is the major concern and windows with thickness as small as 1.5 ... local electric field may be too small to prevent recombination or electron loss. 1. D. H. Wilkinson, Ionization Chambers andanbsp;...

Title:Radiation Detection and Measurement
Author:Glenn F. Knoll
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-08-16


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