Rahsia Cinta Ibu (Mom's Secret Love)

Rahsia Cinta Ibu (Mom's Secret Love)

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Cut Hamizalia, a Grandaughter of The last King of Aceh decendent Teungku Panggiran Achmad, has decide to across the sea alone, and get her step aunt, that study in Penang Island to cure her mother, Cut Zamrina from depression after both kids death. A pretty young lady that split with her fiancee, Teuku Lendra Hakiem during the journey since Teuku heard about the conflict of Sabah 1963, must agreed with God's faith to settle down as normal people in Kampung Sungai Tapah, Ipoh Malaysia and grew up two step sons after her read a letter from juwita bin kusadi. Cut Hamizalia found life was hard as a normal people with step son that always against her, regardless how good she taking care of them. Her son always utilize Nadia to reach his dream living in England as rich boy. After waiting for 17 years, Cut Hamizalia was terrible shock meeting her fiancee ever again in her daughtera€™s wedding, where her step aunt, Cut Zamalia has using critical situation, to pressure Teuku Lendra Hakiem stop look after Cut Hamizalia and marry her. Hamra marrying Lukman is a new momentum of reunion the tengku panggiran achmad's family, but Teuku Lendra Hakiem still keep his love and respect to Cut Hamizalia, therefore he always protect Hamra for Cut Zamalia's pressure. Hamra that having overweight body, even a very pretty look always suffer on bully by her mom's step aunt as well as all rich family of Teuku Lendra Hakiem, Hamra always thought marrying richest Petroleum business man is the most heaven on earth, therefore she marrying Teuku Lendra Hakiem, owner PT. Permina Oil in Jakarta.Encik Razali terus bergegas berjalan cepat menuju ke arah Hamra. a€œPak, inikereta istimewa Toyata kijangberwarna hitam, buatantahun 80 puluhan, sewanya hanya 400.000 ribu rupiah dari Lhoksuwame ke Banda Acehtermasuk petroldananbsp;...

Title:Rahsia Cinta Ibu (Mom's Secret Love)
Author:Amoora Aboody
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2014-03-28


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