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When a potential Urban Planner decides to dedicate rest his life for filmmaking he is attacked by questions, mostly by himself if not by others. At the age of twenty, a kid from a typical middleclass Indian family, when takes that desiccation for himself, he creates a ripple effect for the people surrounding him. He waits to see the ripple turn into tsunami with constant counterproductive forces like insecurity, self doubt, creative block, ego etc. that modifies his behaviour to cause catastrophic effects like loss of love, broken friendship, detachment from family, isolation and even detachment from his own passion. In a faraway Himalayan land while living with a self exile mentality, he attempts to retrospect his past with the little will power and optimism thata€™s left, one last and deliberate attempt to cure his mental block he devices a creative instrument that would take him and us towards enigmatic dimensions. Ita€™s the story of a man who wants to be a film maker and who constantly tries to justify to himself regarding why he wants to do so. Ita€™s the story of an accidental expressionist. part of the story's dramatiation is available as a video called 'IRRATIONAL ~ A Retro Dream' on YouTube.com/imdiyu.The interdependency draws the manual labourersa#39; inflow, linkages with nearby airports and railway stations, ... tools from first stage, certain questionnaires were prepared for opinion survey for the professionals and quality indicator survey for.

Title:RAIN and MOON
Author:Dibyendu Mrugaraj
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-08-27


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