Raising Children in a Digital Age

Raising Children in a Digital Age

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Twitter, Facebook, blogging, chat rooms, email, the internet and beyond - for most parents, teachers and youth workers, getting to grips with new technology is a bit of a challenge. But keeping children safe is a much bigger one. As technology changes, and young people grasp it faster than the older generations do, it can be a real struggle to know what to do to help, equip and defend. Dr Bex Lewis is an expert in new technology. She knows how it works, what to do and where to go for the latest information. It is rarely possible to keep young people away from new technology, nor is it wise. This book will enable parents, teachers and youth workers to give young people the equipment they need to get the best out of new technology and to avoid the dangers. For more information visit www.lionhudson.com/drbex... having taken responsibility for my friendsa#39; children on a regular basis, Ia#39;m always keen to balance opportunities with responsibility. If I took any of those children swimming, Ia#39;d check that they could swim or had armbands if necessary. ... a€œFour-year-old girl is Britaina#39;s youngest iPad ADDICT: Shocking rise in children hooked on using smartphones and tabletsa€ ... Media Polls Finds Fear of Violence Running Higha€ The Escapist, January 2013 a€œStudy: Kids Who Watch 3+ Hours of TV Moreanbsp;...

Title:Raising Children in a Digital Age
Author:Bex Lewis
Publisher:Lion Books - 2014-02-21


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