Ray Bradbury Unbound

Ray Bradbury Unbound

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Fully established in the slick magazines, award-winning, and on the brink of placing Fahrenheit 451 in the American canon, Ray Bradbury entered the autumn of 1953 as a literary figure transcending fantasy and science fiction. In Ray Bradbury Unbound , Jonathan R. Eller continues the story begun in his acclaimed Becoming Ray Bradbury , following the beloved writer's evolution from a short story master to a multi-media creative force and outspoken visionary. Drawn into screenwriting by the chance to adapt Moby Dick for film, Bradbury soon established himself in Hollywood's vast and overlapping film and television empires. The work swallowed up creative energy once devoted to literary pursuits and often left Bradbury frustrated with studio executives. Yet his successes endowed him with the gravitas to emerge as a much sought after cultural commentator. His passionate advocacy in Life and other media outlets validated the U.S. space program's mission--a favor repaid when NASA's astronauts gathered to meet Bradbury during his 1967 visit to Houston. Over time, his public addresses and interviews allowed him to assume the role of a dreamer of futures voicing opinions on technology, the moon landing, and humanity's ultimate destiny. Eller draws on many years of interviews with Bradbury as well as an unprecedented access to personal papers and private collections to portray the origins and outcomes of Bradbury's countless creative endeavors. The result is the definitive story of how a great American author helped shape his times.He assumed that Huston would welcome these revisions, but the director and his inner circle blocked further discussion ... would eventually send copies offto several publishers, but Warner Brothers actually owned the final form ofBradburya#39;s work ... He now took time to learn more about Melville, not only to inspire revision but also, and perhaps more importantly, ... from Bradburya#39;s perspective, turned out to be the most creative and the most unconventional of them alla€”Call Me Ishmael, anbsp;...

Title:Ray Bradbury Unbound
Author:Jonathan R. Eller
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2014-08-15


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