Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver

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The first biography of americaa€™s best-known short story writer of the late twentieth century. The London Times called Raymond Carver qthe American Chekhov.q The beloved, mischievous, but more modest short-story writer and poet thought of himself as qa lucky manq whose renunciation of alcohol allowed him to live qten years longer than I or anyone expected.q In that last decade, Carver became the leading figure in a resurgence of the short story. Readers embraced his precise, sad, often funny and poignant tales of ordinary people and their troubles: poverty, drunkenness, embittered marriages, difficulties brought on by neglect rather than intent. Since Carver died in 1988 at age fifty, his legacy has been mythologized by admirers and tainted by controversy over a zealous editora€™s shaping of his first two story collections. Carol Sklenicka penetrates the myths and controversies. Her decade-long search of archives across the United States and her extensive interviews with Carvera€™s relatives, friends, and colleagues have enabled her to write the definitive story of the iconic literary figure. Laced with the voices of people who knew Carver intimately, her biography offers a fresh appreciation of his work and an unbiased, vivid portrait of the writer.humansa€a€”cut from a€œThe Bath.a€ Hall invited Carver to publish the earlier versions in an issue of Ploughshares he would soon edit. Carver himself would speak of these later incarnations as a€œexpansionsa€ rather than the restorations they trulyanbsp;...

Title:Raymond Carver
Author:Carol Sklenicka
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-11-24


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