Read the Label!

Read the Label!

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Do you know the difference between 'Use by' and 'Best before'? Or what is meant by 'Farmhouse' or 'Home-made'? And did you know that 75% of the salt we consume each day is added by food manufacturers during preparation or processing? Read the Label! is a must-have reference book that exposes the reality of food labelling and provides comprehensive information on how food manufacturers can manipulate the facts. With an in-depth examination of the common ingredients found in our foods, information on how far you can trust the food label and clear guidance on how to make an informed decision about the products you buy, this book will change the way you shop forever.a#39;Farm fresha#39; and a#39;country fresha#39;, often applied to battery-farmed animals. The term a#39; carefully manageda#39; ... Look at the ingredients list to see how much fruit the drink provides a€“ it should be given as a percentage. Or check to see where it is in the.

Title:Read the Label!
Author:Richard Emerson
Publisher:Random House - 2012-04-24


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