Reading Derrida/thinking Paul

Reading Derrida/thinking Paul

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This book explores the interweaving of several of Derridaa€™s characteristic concerns with themes that Paul explores in Romans. It argues that the central concern of Romans is with the question of justice, a justice that must be thought outside of law on the basis of grace or gift. The many perplexities that arise from thus trying to think justice outside of law are clarified by reading Derrida on such themes as justice and law, gift and exchange, duty and debt, hospitality, cosmopolitanism, and pardon. This interweaving of Paul and Derrida shows that Paul may be read as a thinker who wrestles with real problems that are of concern to anyone who thinks. It also shows that Derrida, far from being the enemy of theological reflection, is himself a necessary companion to the thinking of the biblical theologian. Against the grain of what passes for common wisdom this book argues that both Derrida and Paul are indispensable guides to a new way of thinking about justice.Preface This essay, or thought experiment, is an effort to suggest a certain relationship between the attempt to understand Paula#39;s ... This announcement and the ensuing call for papers served as the catalyst for my attempt to put down on paper ideas that have occurred ... last several years, a time when, for reasons unrelated to that seminar, I have also taken up, as a kind of hobby, the reading of Derrida.

Title:Reading Derrida/thinking Paul
Author:Theodore W. Jennings
Publisher:Stanford University Press - 2006


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