Ready, Willing and...Abel? & Raising Cain

Ready, Willing and...Abel? & Raising Cain

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Double the troublea€band double the fun! Ready, Willing anda€bAbel? by Holly Jacobs Fire up the ovena€bthere's a bun on the way! Abel Kennedy is shocked! Make a baby with Hannah Harrington? He's been asked for stuff before, but this? One day he's a mild-mannered real estate guy, the next he's stud service for the sexy nurse-midwife. He knows he's able to do what Hannah is asking, and after one glance at the gorgeous mother-to-be, he definitely is willing, but is he ready for a baby? Heck, is he even ready for Hannah! Raising Cain by Holly Jacobs Raisin' qHq qEq double hockey sticks is more like it! Lucy Caldwell has a plan. Yup, thanks to her best friend, Hannah, she'll give her son, Cain, the chance to have siblings, even if they are only temporary ones and known as demon-spawn! Lucy's sure it will be the summer of their dreams. Unfortunately, the father of said siblings isn't part of her plana€bat first. But will hunky, honorable Woody Pembrooke become a plan of the permanent kind?Gingerly, she climbed out of bedandasshe rose she caught a glimpse of herself inthe mirror. ... She hoped Woody wouldna#39;t bring permanent markers intoa house fullof demonspawn. Staring ather grotesque reflection Hannah realized shewasgoing to have todo somethingabout thekids. ... a€œWhat you do your face?a€ did toanbsp;...

Title:Ready, Willing and...Abel? & Raising Cain
Author:Holly Jacobs
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-11-15


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