Real Estate Investing Seller Finance

Real Estate Investing Seller Finance

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Seller financing options present an incredible opportunity to anyone involved in real estate transactions. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor or even a real estate professional, a comprehensive understanding of seller financing and the opportunities it provides can allow you to obtain your goals much more quickly and more simply than nearly any other opportunity in the real estate or personal investment arenas today. Sellers will learn how to sell their properties much more quickly, with fewer hassles and headaches and for MORE money than ever before. Buyers, any buyers, regardless of their personal situation, can fulfill their dreams of home ownership now. With less up-front money, fewer credit guidelines and a simpler transaction than with other financing and purchase options available in the conventional market. Investors can leverage more real estate than ever before building their cash flow, return on investment and net worth in ways never before imagined. Real Estate Agentscan benefit from a comprehensive understanding of creative financing techniques by learning how to sell more homes, more quickly and to more buyers than ever before. Creative financing is defined as financing that falls outside the standard conventional financing offered by banks and lending institutions. This course is designed to aid you in understanding what types of financing are commonly negotiated and between a buyer and a seller and to provide the information you need to convert these tried and true methods for use in your personal situation. The materials will provide you with a crash course in seller finance that will enable you to customize your negotiations around your specific needs. You will gain the upper hand in any negotiation process by obtaining the knowledge needed to have a full understanding of the perspective of the other party!a€œMortgagea€ / a€œIncomea€ : 30% a€œMortgage + Monthly Paymentsa€ / a€œIncomea€ : 40% In this scenario, your front-end is 30% and back-end is 40%, which is ... CREDIT REPORT AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE Authorization is hereby granted to ... __ Credit Card $ Credit Card ______ __ $ ______ __ Credit Card $ Credit Card ______ __ $ ______ __ Personal Loan _____ ___ $ ______ __ Personal ... 8:2 Sample Form DTI Ratio Assessment This form is included for example purposes only.

Title:Real Estate Investing Seller Finance
Publisher:Eiram Publishing - 2011-03


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