Real Estate The American Dream? or Nightmare?

Real Estate The American Dream? or Nightmare?

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This book will truly teach you 30 years of combined experience from Megan and Zeke! if you want to BUY, SELL or SAVE your home this is the book for you! After going through a financial crisis in 2007-2009 Megan realized there was no one out there to help that does not have a biased opinion;so Megan decided to take all the nasty and good things she had learned and truly help people across the country! Megan has seen the worst financially, bounced checks, tax liens, Bankruptcy, pawning jewlery..... everything as a financial planner she cringed at she now had experienced and overcome By the Grace of GOD. Megan and Zeke did overcome the worst financial crisis they could have imagined so Megan decided to help the rest of the world by teaching all the ways to get in and out of homes along with other fantastic financial secrets no one in the financial world wants you to know about! This book will not only help you buy, sell or save your home but after reading it you will have more knowledge than 90% of people out there on Real Estate! It will give you the basic tools to help yourself and be able to make the best decision for you! Megan and Zeke believe in Prosperity through charity therefore 50% of book profits go to help people in financial crisis.In accordance to creative financing, a land trust by keeping the name of the owner private can be used to take control of the property. this will avoid the inclusion of due on sale clause of the present deed of trust. Contract for Deed: this is whereanbsp;...

Title:Real Estate The American Dream? or Nightmare?
Author:Megan Zucaro
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-02-06


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