Real Money Versus False Money - Bank Credits

Real Money Versus False Money - Bank Credits

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T. Cushing Daniel was a prolific and passionate author. He also wrote Daniel on Real Money about the false gold standard; High Cost of Living, Cause-Remedy, concerning government debt; The Betrayal of the People, criticizing the Federal Reserve; and The Real Issue, Democracy Against Plutocracy and No Plutocracy, Peace But a Domestic Victory. This book purports to qcondense the most valuable parts of the foregoing publications in one volume and bringing this most vital question down to date as a text book for the people. Mr. Daniel demonstrates that present conditions have been brought about by a dishonest money system...q T. Cushing Daniel was a monetary expert who testified before Congress regarding banking matters, and who was consulted and quoted by Henry Ford. qThe greatest burdens that the people have to bear are interest and dividends on debts.qThey all want to get rich quick and they think the only respectable short cut to quick and easy money is stock market gambling and promotion of stock issuing and consolidation schemes to fleece the people. The actual value destroying effect ofanbsp;...

Title:Real Money Versus False Money - Bank Credits
Author:T. Cushing Daniel
Publisher:The Minerva Group, Inc. - 2004-01


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