Real Service [Epub]

Real Service [Epub]

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In any consenting and negotiated personal service relationship, there are hundreds of ways in which the servant can make the mastera€™s life easier, and the master can manage the servant most effectively. Why is it that we usually only hear about a few of these ways, mostly sexual service, kinky play, and BDSM, or perhaps leather care or formal tea service? From housework to driving to child care to personal care, nearly anyone who is in service (or who would like to be) has dozens of skills they already know that they can offer as a service, and there are countless more practical everyday skills they can learn. Real Service is a handbook for service-oriented submissives and the people they serve, providing techniques to help a service relationship function smoothly, and suggestions for service that can be offered.Use a chainsaw and a hand saw. Remove dangerous limbs from trees. Split firewood. Simple landscaping, including small walls and walkways. Prune trees, hedges, vines and roses correctly. Laundry Remedial Skills: Wash and dry your ownanbsp;...

Title:Real Service [Epub]
Author:Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-07-30


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