Reality and Mystical Experience

Reality and Mystical Experience

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Responding to our modern disillusionment with any claims to absolute truth regarding morality or reality, this book offers a conceptual approach for discussing absolutes without denying either the relevance of divergent religious and philosophical teachings or the evidence supporting postmodern and poststructuralist critiques. Case studies of mysticism within Advaita-Veda_nta Hinduism, Ma_dhyamika Buddhism, and Nicene Christianity demonstrate the value of this approach and offer many fresh insights into the metaphysical presuppositions of these religions as well as into the nature and value of mystical experience. Like Douglas Hofstadter's Ga_del, Escher, Bach, this book finds ultimate reality to be rationally graspable only as an eternal fugue of pattern and paradox. Yet it does not so much counter other philosophical views as provide a conceptual tool for understanding and classifying incommensurable views.Some are spatial and some temporal, and within these dimensions, some are distinct, some overlap, and some nest within each other, much like Venn diagrams in logic. ... Publicity-presence-awareness terminology takes physical properties to be those publicities defined by the collectivity ... Alive or dead, an animal or plant originates and maintains physical and chemical regularities.16 The collectivity ofanbsp;...

Title:Reality and Mystical Experience
Author:F. Samuel Brainard
Publisher:Penn State Press - 2008-03-05


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