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Reality-Based Parenting: How Parents of African Descent Can Cultivate Loving Relationships With their Children is a thoughtful, inspirational, sensitive and culturally-driven how-to manual designed for parents in the African diaspora who long to know themselves. The cumulative effect of self-discovery (development of self-awareness and acquisition of self-knowledge) is the transmission of cultural and spiritual heritage to the next generation. As a developmental and transformational process, Reality-Based Parenting is culturally specific, not universal. This is based on the multi-cultural premise of a€œfullness before overflow.a€ That is to say a group must recognize and affirm itself before it is able to share and appreciate the differences of others. Cultural competency then is the distinguishing characteristic of reality-based parenting. Through this book, parents are enabled to use what they have a€“ their cultural strengths a€“ to obtain what they want: a tested plan for nurturing children, a formula for instilling disciplining in the young, a model for psycho-social recovery. Conscientious readers are inspired to apply the booka€™s content to activities of daily living so that a€œ... our sons may flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants; and our daughters may be like cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palacea€ (Psalms 144: 12-14).Pay your credit card debt: The average parent has at least one credit card. Leta#39;s not fool ourselves; building credit is an important part of the American culture. Good or bad credit determines if a lender will give you a loan and the interest rate ofanbsp;...

Author:John P. McQueen, ED.S, LCSW, CFLE
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-10-05


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