Reality Ends Here

Reality Ends Here

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From the Edgar-nominated author of Into the Dark comes the riveting and witty story of a teenage girl caught between her image-obsessed familya€”stars of a hit reality show about her sextuplet siblingsa€”and the long-buried truth about her biological father. With a major crush on an adorable pop star, annoying younger siblings, and a mom and stepdad who are too strict, Estella Blanchard is a typical teenage girla€”except that her daily struggles are plotlines on the reality show Seven Is Heaven, which relentlessly documents her life as the older half-sister of sextuplets. Estellaa€™s an Oscar-worthy actress at hiding her true feelings from the camera. However, she cana€™t outrun the spotlight when she receives a Christmas present from her biological father...who died ten years ago under mysterious circumstances. Blamed for this a€œsick prank, a€ Estella is placed in an unorthodox support group for troubled child starsa€”including a twenty-three-year-old has-been, a backstabbing drama queen, and a super-cute (but very off-limits) boy bander. And, as weird as the group is, when a creepy paparazzo starts stalking her, claiming that her dad is actually alive, Estella's going to need their help to uncover the truth and stay alive.But Levity wouldna#39;t let me. Delp two blocks away from Pie a#39;N Burger right after Ia#39;d rushed out. Levitya#39;s always late. Delp texting me, using my private cell phone number, which had been added to the TMTS contact list hours earlier. All of thisanbsp;...

Title:Reality Ends Here
Author:Alison Gaylin
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-06-10


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