Reasons to Read America the Great 2014

Reasons to Read America the Great 2014

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This book includes 42 messages drafted during the first seven weeks (June 23 to August 12) after publication of qAmerica the Great, q which the author of qAmerica the Greatq sent to various groups of persons he thought would be interested in reading qAmerica the Great.q Some of the earliest messages are to persons in Scotland and the United Kingdom, because of the September 2014 Scotland Independence Referendum, to note the argument in qAmerica the Greatq concerning the legal and practical possibility of joining the United States rather than the European Union. Several of the messages a€“ the longest ones a€“ are to professors and experts in the fields of political science and law in non-United States countries a€“ especially in countries threatened by the current government of mainland China, including Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia. As he neared the end of the process of drafting these, it occurred to the author that a collection of the messages could be of interest to the general world-wide public. The message to the Philippines, which closes this collection, is perhaps the most important, due to its discussion of naval military issues, and ought also to be read by Australians as if directed to them. New Zealanders should consider the Australian and Philippines messages as also directed to them. The author has added a 27 page addendum concerning the sources of his assertion of expertise in military and diplomatic strategy. This addendum is original material not in qAmerica the Greatq and not included in any of the messages.Message to Lawyers aamp; Professors of Political Science of India (August 4, 2014) Dear lawyers, professors of law, and professors of ... In America, book authors sometimes travel to bookstores and book festivals, where they speak to an audience of 50 to 100 ... If you do not have a a€œkindlea€ reading device, you can download a free a€œappa€ to any computer device you have, that will allow you to read the book.

Title:Reasons to Read America the Great 2014
Author:Edward Sisson
Publisher:Edward Sisson - 2014-08-20


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