Recent Advances in Reliability and Quality Engineering

Recent Advances in Reliability and Quality Engineering

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This volume presents recent research in reliability and quality theory and its applications by many leading experts in the field. The subjects covered include reliability optimization, software reliability, maintenance, quality engineering, system reliability, Monte Carlo simulation, tolerance design optimization, manufacturing system estimation, neural networks, software quality assessment, optimization design of life tests, software quality, reliability-centered maintenance, multivariate control chart, methodology for measurement of test effectiveness, imperfect preventive maintenance, Markovian reliability modeling, accelerated life testing, and system availability assessment. The book will serve as a reference for postgraduate students and will also prove useful for practitioners and researchers in reliability and quality engineering. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1.1: Introduction (88 KB). Chapter 1.2: The Symmetrical Johnson Su Distributions (101 KB). Chapter 1.3: Application to Control Charts (79 KB). Chapter 1.4: An Example (84 KB). Chapter 1.5: How Kurtosis Affects Classical Charts (104 KB). Chapter 1.6: OC and ARL Curves (133 KB). Chapter 1.7: Conlusions (129 KB). Contents: Control Charts for Data Having a Symmetrical Distribution with a Positive Kurtosis (P Philippe); A Software Reliability Model with Testing Coverage and Imperfect Debugging (X Zhang a H Pham); Cost Allocation for Software Reliability (O Berman a M Cutler); General Reliability Test Plans for One-Shot Devices (W Zhang a W-K Shiue); Multivariate Control Chart (M-W Lu a R J Rudy); Optimal Preparedness Maintenance of Multi-Unit Systems with Imperfect Maintenance and Economic Dependence (H Wang et al.); Estimation of System Reliability by Variationally Processed Monte Carlo Simulation (M Chang et al.); A Bayesian Approach to the Optimal Policy under Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Models (K-S Park a C-H Jun); Design of Life Tests Based on Multi-Stage Decision Process (A Kanagawa a H Ohta); Reliability-Centered Maintenance for Light Rail Equipment (K H K Leung et al.); Incorporating Environmental Concepts with Tolerance Design Optimization Model (G Chen); Markovian Reliability Modeling for Software Safety/Availability Measurement (K Tokuno a S Yamada); Group Control Charts with Variable Stream and Sample Sizes (K T Lee et al.); A Methodology for the Measurement of Test Effectiveness (J C Munson a A P Nikora); Modeling Software Quality with Classification Trees (T M Khoshgoftaar a E B Allen); Highly Reliable Systems: Designing Software for Improved Assessment (B Cukic a F Bastani); Manufacturing Systems Estimation Using Neural Network Models (P L Cooper a G J Savage); A Deterministic Selective Maintenance Model for Complex Systems (C R Cassady et al.). Readership: Practitioners, postgraduate students and researchers in reliability and quality engineering.PREFACE Todaya#39;s engineering systems have become increasingly complex to design and build while the demand for reliability, quality, and cost effective development continues. ... Monte Carlo simulation, tolerance design optimization, manufacturing system estimation, neural network, software quality assessment ... Each programming module can be developed in-house or purchased (when available).

Title:Recent Advances in Reliability and Quality Engineering
Author:Hoang Pham
Publisher:World Scientific - 2001-01-01


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