Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

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(Berklee Methods). With the explosion of project studio gear available, it's easier than ever to create pro-quality music at home. This book is the only reference you'll ever need to start producing and engineering your music or other artists' music in your very own home studio. You don't have a home studio yet, but have some basic equipment? This essential guide will help you set up your studio, begin producing projects, develop your engineering skills and manage your projects. Stop dreaming and start producing!A Complete Guide David Franz Susan Gedutis Lindsay ... sub-bass, 151 submixes, 81, 115, 128, 206, 215 subwoofer, 27-28, 32 super-cardioid microphones, 74 surround sound mixing in, 186, 218 ... undo, 171 unity level, 14 UPC bar code, 228 user groups, 83 velocity, 140, 144 virtual tracks, 169-72, 179 labeling, 183 vocals background, ... cable, 119 Y-sphtter, 115 Zeroring plastic head ring strip, 90 oren; Kenwood Dennard: The Studio/ Touring Drummer ISBN: 0-87639-022-X HL.

Title:Recording and Producing in the Home Studio
Author:David Franz
Publisher:Berklee Press - 2004


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