Recover!: A Revolutionary Guide to Reclaiming Your Life from Addiction

Recover!: A Revolutionary Guide to Reclaiming Your Life from Addiction

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For decades you've been told that addiction is an irreversible disease, a biological force over which you have no control. That defeatist message not only is without scientific foundation, but actually prevents your overcoming addiction. Now, world-renowned addiction expert Stanton Peele demystifies addiction and offers a groundbreaking program that puts at your disposal what does work in treatment and recovery. For four decades, Dr. Peele has challenged our understanding of addiction and recovery. He has developed approaches that break the cycle of addiction and empower us to take control of our lives--including understanding that we are able to direct our own brains to change. In Recover! Dr. Peele's PERFECT Program takes you through the key concepts of mindfulness--that is, your ability to detach from your addictive experience and to see that it is not who you are--combined with the Buddhist idea of loving kindness, or self-acceptance. It's an easily grasped, yet multifaceted program that allows your true self to overcome your addictive urges. Instead of focusing on what's wrong with you, the PERFECT Program will help you discover, embrace, and build your recovery on what's already right about you. Combining the best evidence-based treatments with the mindful use of meditation, Recover! presents a life-transforming philosophy for freeing yourself from addiction forever.Fortify. Copinga€”Learning the skills for life management Living with addiction, every day you encounter the same scenarios, ... consider the crucial question of boundaries in therapy, and especially in addiction treatment. 151 7: Fortify.

Title:Recover!: A Revolutionary Guide to Reclaiming Your Life from Addiction
Author:Stanton Peele
Publisher:Da Capo Press - 2014-02-04


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