Reflections on Knowledge and Language in Middle Eastern Societies

Reflections on Knowledge and Language in Middle Eastern Societies

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This book presents a collection of articles that put forward original research and significant insight regarding several key issues related to knowledge and language in Middle Eastern societies. The aspects studied include: the role of knowledge and language in affirming and negating political agendas and self-identities within areas of conflict and tension; ideas regarding the usefulness and interaction of religious and secular knowledge; and the attributes that render knowledge and language, especially that which is believed to be of divine origin, outstanding and worthy of admiration. The selection of studies has been purposefully diverse to include a variety of languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and Persian, within multiple traditions, including Hellenism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, while focussing on a range of periods, from the classical to the mediaeval to the modern, and examining a range of issues, such as methods of analysing and interpreting Persian, Turkish and Arabic literature, literary and other attributes of the Bible and the Qura€™an, diglossic languages, the Turkish modernisation project, Turkish-Kurdish tensions, Andalusian music, Azerbaijani politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By underlining the substantial commonalities that exist between such seemingly different fields of research, the book highlights the ideaa€”increasingly on the wane in departments of Middle Eastern Studies across many universitiesa€”that a shared area of study, viz. the Middle East, naturally and inherently entails a shared cultural, historical, and sociological milieu. It suggests that academics who engage in different branches of research related to this area shoulda€”rather than focussing singly on their own fielda€”avail substantially and meaningfully of one anothera€™s scholarship, learn from each othera€™s methodologies, and collectively build upon a body of knowledge that should never be seen as dissociated.Angelika Neuwirth earned her PhD in Semitic Studies from University of GApttingen in 1972. She was ... Luke Peterson has an MA in Liberal Arts from St. Edwarda#39;s University, and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas.

Title:Reflections on Knowledge and Language in Middle Eastern Societies
Author:Bruno De Nicola, Yonatan Mendel, Husain Qutbuddin
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2010-08-11


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