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Alexander Crown novel, book 3. Regeneration is the new exciting voice in the world of international thrillers. Crown discovers DNA weapons so devastating that in unethical hands, human life could become extinct. He must access every killing skill he'd utilized as a mercenary, and every ounce of cunning he'd experienced as a philanthropist to out maneuver the Chinese, Russians and United States to prevent ruthless and corrupt monsters from stealing his chilling DNA revelation and turning it into a weapon against humanity. Regeneration is brutally realistic. The stakes are high as Alexander Crown embarks on a journey that will turn him into humanity's most deadly asset.A white Chevy Tahoe with darkened windows roared to a halt in the parking spot beside us. Roy reversed his taxi out of his spot, ... bumper again then punched the gas forcing the taxi against approaching traffic. Roy whipped a right turn and anbsp;...

Author:Ben Campbell
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-10-31


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