Reinventing Fire

Reinventing Fire

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Oil and coal have built our civilisation, created our wealth and enriched the lives of billions. Yet their rising costs to our security, economy, health and environment are starting to outweigh their benefits. Moreover, the tipping point where alternatives work better and compete purely on cost is not decades in the future - it is here and now. And that tipping point has become the fulcrum of economic transformation. In Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute offer a new vision to revitalise business models and win the clean energy race - not forced by public policy but led by business for long-term advantage. This independent and rigorous account offers market-based solutions integrating transportation, buildings, industry and electricity. It maps pathways for running a 158%-bigger US economy in 2050 but needing no oil, no coal, no nuclear energy, one-third less natural gas and no new inventions. This transition would cost $5 trillion less than business-as-usual - without counting fossil fuels' huge hidden costs. Whether you care most about profits and jobs, or national security, or environmental stewardship, climate, and health, Reinventing Fire makes sense. It's a story of astounding opportunities for creating the new energy era. -- Publisher description.Harnessing Variable Renewablesa€”A Guide to the Balance Challenge. www.iea. org/publications/free_new_ Desc.asp? ... a€œVehicle Weight, Fatality Risk, and Crash Compatibility of Model Year 1991a€“99 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks.a€ National ... Greentech Enterprise, November 12. articles/read/ starbucks-goes-bonkers-for-led-lights/. ... a€œAn Hourly Electricity Price Model, a Robust Trading Policy, and the Value of Storage, for Heavy Tailed Markets.

Title:Reinventing Fire
Author:Amory Lovins
Publisher:Chelsea Green Publishing - 2013-10-07


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