Releasing HTML5 Games for Windows 8

Releasing HTML5 Games for Windows 8

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Windows 8 presents an incredible opportunity for distributing and monetizing HTML5 games, and this guide shows how you can profit from it. Youa€™ll learn everything you need to know about porting your original web-based JavaScript game to the new qtouch-firstq version of Windows, as well as several options for selling your game in Windows Store. Windows 8 is a big leap forward for developers because it treats HTML5 as a first-class citizen, alongside C# and C++. Interactive development expert Jesse Freeman explains how Windows 8 works, gets you started with Visual Studio Express (ita€™s free!), and uses a case study to show you how to port an HTML5 game with ease. Learn which games and JavaScript libraries work best on Windows 8 Adjust artwork for different screen resolutions and Windows 8 features Accommodate mouse, keyboard, touch, and other game controls Optimize your game to run well on any Windows 8 device Understand the steps for publishing your game to Windows Store Explore fixed price, trial mode, ad support, and in-app purchase options Use a web-first workflow to ensure your game runs on many other platformsI noticed performance problems on my 11a€²a€² MacBook Air since it didna#39;t have a dedicated graphics card. I would only suggest using a VM if you ... after installing the drivers. The animal on the cover of Releasing HTML5 Gamesfor Windows.

Title:Releasing HTML5 Games for Windows 8
Author:Jesse Freeman, Jesse Freeman, (Te
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2013-11-04


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