Relentless Protector

Relentless Protector

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Former army ranger Cole Sawyer reacts on instinct when he sees beautiful young widow Lisa Meador pull a gun at the bank. He foils the robbery, but when Lisa screams as the real robbers take off with her son, he realizes that things aren't what they seem. Driven by a painful secret, Cole makes the split-second decision to join forces with Lisa and trail the criminals across Texas. Haunted by his failure to save Lisa's husband in Afghanistan, Cole is determined to help her rescue her son. But he's even more determined not to give in to his growing attraction to her. As they untangle clues and face the potentially devastating loss of their quarry, they soon realize that the kidnappers' motives run deepera€”and darkera€”than they ever expected.a€basked the banka#39;s customer service manager, a stout, middle-aged woman with a sprayed blond helmet of a bob. ... Never in his wildest imaginings had he figured on the possibility that he might have to stop a bank job, a holdup by a womananbsp;...

Title:Relentless Protector
Author:Colleen Thompson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-09-01


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