Religiously Roasted Every Goddamn Day

Religiously Roasted Every Goddamn Day

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A pop-culture, bromantic musical comedy. In a book. Couched in the routine drudgery of an un-average workday, Alan Wright struggles with a decision that will shape the rest of his life in Orlando, his job at the Christian bookstore, and his friendship with Dave at the coffee shop. Early reviewers of this novella have said: a€œThata€™s a lot of typos.a€ a€œUm ... I dona€™t know?a€ a€œYeah, sure, Ia€™m enjoying it.a€ a€œI totally dig it. It's funny. It's paced well. I can tell you write screenplays.a€Shop. It had rained the night before and by nine a.m. the sun had only begun to evaporate the standing puddles of water. The air was already hot and ... One of those individuals drove an old white Dodge Neon with mismatched side-viewanbsp;...

Title:Religiously Roasted Every Goddamn Day
Author:Jordan Krumbine
Publisher:Jordan Krumbine -


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