Reluctant Runaway

Reluctant Runaway

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Stolen Indian artifactsa€bA murdered museum guarda€bA missing womana€bA baby in dangera€b Only Desiree can unearth the horrifying secret that links them all. Museum security expert Desiree Jacobs doesna€™t mean to get in dangera€™s path. Really she doesna€™t. But when a friend is in trouble you dona€™t just walk away. No matter what your overprotective FBI agent boyfriend says! So when Desi and Tonya€™s date at a presidential ball is interrupted by a frantic Maxine Webb, Desi doesna€™t hesitate to jump in. Soon Desi is neck-deep in a confusing array of villains. Did Maxa€™s niece run away or was she taken? Is she still alive or the victim of a perverse ritual? And who wants her infant sona€“and why? Then Tonya€™s organized crime case collides with Desia€™s investigation, throwing them both into the path of something dark and sinister. Something that craves blooda€b From the streets of Desia€™s beloved Boston to the mountain desert of New Mexico, Desi and Tony must rely on God to thwart unseen forcesa€“and save a young woman and her baby from a villain more evil than any of them can imagine. From the Trade Paperback edition.... building without him either trying to ditch the goods or us putting a tail so close on his mud flaps he feels our breath on his neck. ... Tony studied the Gordon Trucking buildinga€”basic cement block with a brick facade and sheet metal roof. a€œ Your source in there gave you Winstona#39;s truck number?a€ He lifted a brow at Polanski.

Title:Reluctant Runaway
Author:Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Publisher:Multnomah Books - 2010-05-12


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