Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates V4

Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates V4

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Reproduction of Marine Invetebrates, Volume IV Molluscs: Gastropods and Cephalopods describes the wide range of structural complexity and diverse modes of reproduction of gastropods and cephalopods. Each chapter discusses the asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction capacity, and developmental stages of different group of gastropods and cephalopods, including prosobranchia, opisthobranchia, pulmonata, nautiloidea, decapoda, and octopoda. Gastropods are among the most conspicuous sea animals, and species of limpets, snails, and slugs are found in all marine habitats. Cephalopods are active and important marine predators, ranging from archaic nautiloids to more recent pelagic decapods and benthic octopods, which are often considered to be one of the apexes of invertebrate evolution. They are all gonochoric and reproduce only by sexual means. All have intricate courtship behavior and derived developmental patterns. Marine biologists and researchers, scientists, and developmental biologists will find this book invaluable.2.3.2 Anatomy of the Reproductive System The most useful general discussions of opisthobranch reproductive systems are those of Pruvot-Fol ... Lloyd (1952) presents an original comparative study with several unusually fine diagrams.

Title:Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates V4
Author:Arthur Giese
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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