Reproductive and Developmental Behaviour in Sheep

Reproductive and Developmental Behaviour in Sheep

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Although intensive husbandry is increasingly applied to sheep, most sheep production around the world is still based on the extensive system. Under these conditions, attempts to improve productivity must take particular account of reproductive and developmental behaviour, as successful sheep production depends heavily on optimal reproduction and development. These topics are presented in this anthology of selected publications on sheep behaviour. The papers have been taken from ten years of Applied Animal Ethology (now Applied Animal Behaviour Science) from its inception in December 1974 to the end of its publication under that title in 1984.Each set of three ewes was then subjected to a a€œfamiliarization testa€ in which the lambs, untreated and fully conscious, were ... lamb when the tail end or the head end was placed against the passageway (Treatments 1 versus 3, and 1 versus 4) , ... Inclusion of a washed, conscious group allowed maternal acceptance to be tested immediately after the selection test, ... in a warm, 0.05% solution of a neutral non-ionic detergent (Nonidet grade 91/6, Shell Chemical (Australia) Pty Ltd.).

Title:Reproductive and Developmental Behaviour in Sheep
Author:A.F. Fraser
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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