Rereading Modernism

Rereading Modernism

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Until about 1986, feminists generally considered modernism a reactionary, misogynist, and hegemonic mire not worth investigating. Since then enough studies of modernism have appeared that 17 feminist critics can now review and debate their treatment of the period. They evaluate the progress and goals of the new era of modernist scholarship. As the authors in this volume suggest, instead of condemning writers for not practicing or portraying an acceptable politics of gender, we ought instead to show how their assumptions about the nature of the sexes inform their texts, both in their creation and in their reception. This also allows examination of the complex and changing relationship between human subjectivity and aesthetics. This volume is a highly reflective dialogue, introspective and evaluative, at a moment of crisis within modernist studies and feminist studies. The analysis of critical work on early-twentieth-century literature not only helps reread and redefine a definition of modernism; it also intends to redirect and reintegrate feminist theory.Hence Lessinga#39;s innovative aquot;borderlineaquot; style in The Golden Notebook, where a fractured narrative skein inhabits the ... of wholeness and self-presence proves unattainable in the postmodern frame of Lessinga#39;s paradoxical feminist program. In a 1966 interview with Florence Howe, Doris Lessing remarked that The Golden Notebook a€was an extremely carefully ... about the fiction constructed in the Yellow Notebook: a€The trouble with this story is that it is written in tenns of analysis of theanbsp;...

Title:Rereading Modernism
Author:Lisa Rado
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-08-21


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