Reservoir Model Design

Reservoir Model Design

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This book gives practical advice and ready to use tips on the design and construction of subsurface reservoir models. The design elements cover rock architecture, petrophysical property modelling, multi-scale data integration, upscaling and uncertainty analysis. Philip Ringrose and Mark Bentley share their experience, gained from over a hundred reservoir modelling studies in 25 countries covering clastic, carbonate and fractured reservoir types. The intimate relationship between geology and fluid flow is explored throughout, showing how the impact of fluid type, production mechanism and the subtleties of single- and multi-phase flow combine to influence reservoir model design. Audience: The main audience for this book is the community of applied geoscientists and engineers involved in the development and use of subsurface fluid resources. The book is suitable for a range of Mastera€™s level courses in reservoir characterisation, modelling and engineering. Am Provides practical advice and guidelines for users of 3D reservoir modelling packages Am Gives advice on reservoir model design for the growing world-wide activity in subsurface reservoir modelling Am Covers rock modelling, property modelling, upscaling and uncertainty handling Am Encompasses clastic, carbonate and fractured reservoirsGeostat Wollongong 96:174a€“187 Journel AG, Deutsch CV, Desbarats AJ (1986) Power averaging for block effective permeability. ... Oxford University Press, Oxford Pickup GE, Sorbie KS (1996) The scaleup of two-phase flow in porous media using phase permeability ... Oxford University Press, Oxford, 376 pp Deutsch CV, Journel AG (1992) Geostatistical software library and usera#39;s guide, vol 1996.

Title:Reservoir Model Design
Author:Philip Ringrose, Mark Bentley
Publisher:Springer - 2014-10-03


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