Reset Your Inner Clock

Reset Your Inner Clock

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An enlightened approach to insomnia, depressed mood, fatigue, and other sleep-related problems of everyday life, harnessing the power of light therapy to reset the natural clock. Sleep problems and depressed mood often go hand in hand, forming a frustrating cycle. Michael Terman, Ph.D., has devoted his career to studying the brain functions that feed these disorders. In Reset Your Inner Clock, Terman and Ian McMahan, Ph.D., reveal the heart of his findings, a powerful program that recalibrates our internal clocksa€”our exquisitely designed, natural sensitivity to the timing and brightness of light exposure. These delicate mechanisms are often decimated by the modern demands of a 24/7 lifestyle. Beginning with a questionnaire that pinpoints the problem areas, Terman helps readers decipher when their natural internal night begins and ends. The treatment process can then start, incorporating the power of natural light and, when necessary, supplemental light therapy. His approach has brought relief to thousands of sleep sufferers, as well as those burdened by bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, depression, sleep disorders due to around-the-clock work schedules, and other impediments to vibrant health. For the first time, his findings are now available for a general audience, sharing the essential elements of chronobiology in clear, authoritative, scientifically grounded chapters that are easy to apply to a variety of situations.... Urbandesign Lighting design and engineering Transportation engineering Landscape design Interior design Those who work ... In the bedrooms, dusktodawn simulators are shapedlikeawide skycover and can be programmedbythenursinganbsp;...

Title:Reset Your Inner Clock
Author:Michael Terman Ph.D., Ian McMahan Ph.D.
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-10-29


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