Responsive Mobile Design

Responsive Mobile Design

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Create Web Designs That Work Perfectly on Any Devicea€”Simply and Beautifully! Billions of people access the web via smartphones, tablets, and devices of all types, using every imaginable interface and display. But they all want the same thing: the right information, right now, delivered in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. Give them what they want with Responsive Mobile Design . Whether youa€™re a developer, designer, or manager, Phil Dutson teaches you principles, techniques, and best practices for delivering a successful experience to all users on all devices. Dutson shows how to design sites that are responsive a€œfrom the start, a€ while keeping development simple and flexible. Next, he delivers complete technical know-how for transforming responsive designs into responsive sites. Youa€™ll find coverage of key issues such as integrating media content, optimizing performance, and serving Retina or high-density displays. Throughout, he combines detailed and practical explanations with functional, easy-to-reuse code snippets. Coverage includes a€c Demonstrating why a€œmobile firsta€ is still a best practice a€c Fusing content, structure, and beauty to deliver experiences users love a€c Using responsive images to improve speed and convey visual messages more effectively a€c Using grid systems without making it feel like your design is a€œlocked in a boxa€ a€c Mastering measurement values such as px, em, rem, and viewport unitsa€”and understanding their crucial differences a€c Improving the finer details of your design with web fonts a€c Retrofitting current websites to prepare them for the future a€c Introducing web components into your HTML markup a€c Using built-in browser development tools to streamline debugging and a€œin-browsera€ prototypingI have applied the styles to the ul ele- ment to reset the styles on that element. Figure 5.6 shows this site viewed on a tablet and a mobile phone. Figure 5.6 As viewed on both an iPad (left) and a Moto X (right), the site adjusts itself to fit the screen, per the vw measurement units. ... vmax) Opera 15+ iOS//Mobile Safari 6+ (6.0a€“7.0vh units exhibit odd behavior) Android Browser 4.4 Blackberry Browser 10+anbsp;...

Title:Responsive Mobile Design
Author:Phil Dutson
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2014-08-28


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