Responsive Web Design, Vol. 2

Responsive Web Design, Vol. 2

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Responsive Web Design has evolved rapidly in the last few years and considering recent growth of mobile, the demands for responsive solutions are growing further. To help you prepare for the challenges of a more diverse device landscape as well as a growing number of mobile device users, Responsive Web Design Vol. 2 provides an overview of valuable hands-on techniques, approaches and best practices to improve your responsive design workflow and skills. This eBook offers tips on creating responsive high-performance websites using server-side components, and explores solutions for navigation and responsive images. Furthermore, the authors share their insightful first-hand experience from a responsive redesign perspective as well as propose possible ways to encounter the rather uneasy question of advertising in a responsive world. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Responsible Considerations For Responsive Web Design - Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website - Choosing A Responsive Image Solution - Automate Your Responsive Images With Mobify.js - Adapting To A Responsive Design (Case Study) - Responsive Web Design With Physical Units - Lightening Your Responsive Website Design With RESS - Improve Mobile Support With Server-Side Enhanced Responsive Design - Responsively Retrofitting An Existing Site With RWD Retrofit - Making Advertising Work In A Responsive Worlda€cCSS transitions are used to animate transform changes: transition: transform 500ms ease. And Ia#39;ve added a ... (In theory, I could fall back to jQuery animation, but ita#39;s really not worth it.) When you download ... I also tested on an iPhone 3GS and could literally count 3 FPS with my owneyesita#39;s that slow! What a difference!

Title:Responsive Web Design, Vol. 2
Author:Smashing Magazine
Publisher:Smashing Magazine - 2014-02-25


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