Return of the Aeons

Return of the Aeons

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The objective of this book is to explain today's spiritual ascension of earth and humanity at this unique period of planetary history and how the Divine Beings are helping us transcend and transform. The book is part of the literature that is being created about the post-2012 transition. The book is deeply grounded in the author's own personal experience in working with the spiritual masters, in teaching spirituality to others, and in connecting the spiritual changes with current world events such as the environmental crisis, financial collapse, UFOs, and war and political crises. The book also offers detailed information in the traditions of Gnosticism and the perennial philosophy and provides numerous aids for seekers on establishing and maintaining their own spiritual practice. The themes of the book are:a€c How the Aeons, or Divine Beings of Gnostic times, have returned to the consciousness of humanity to help guide the ongoing Ascension.a€c How we were created by God to evolve back to our Original Face; i.e., who we really are in our pristine goodness and purity.a€c How the Aeons have been contacted through channeling by two specific groups: those channeling The Nine and those channeling the RA Material.a€c How facing our subconscious and transforming the ego are essential to our personal transformation. The goal is to find the love in our hearts that will take us from third density a€œegoica€ consciousness to fourth density consciousness of the spiritual heart. Here the heart chakra opens, allowing us to have love for all creation and experience God as a Presence within.a€c How we are tempted by ego and thereby fall under the influence of a€œThe Othersa€; i.e. Satanic presences, the same as those which brought about the fall of Adam and Eve.a€c How certain archetypal teachings such as the Kabbalah, the Law of Three and Law of Seven and the Ray of Creation provide a context of ideas that can give us a map for understanding. a€c How the author himself experiences the Divine Beings within his own consciousness. a€c Who Jesus really is; i.e., an extraterrestrial presence under the overall guidance of the Aeons. Jesus is on earth today in his etheric form to aid humanity whenever called upon.a€c How the concept of a€œsina€ has been made obsolete under the new spiritual dispensation and replaced by the idea of a€œerrora€ that can be atoned for and surmounted. a€c How the New Thought movement, A Course in Miracles, the teachings of Indian masters like Ramdas, and other sources point the way to the Ascension.a€c How the author's experience and involvement over forty years in several major spiritual movements have brought him to his present level of understanding and offered him tremendous hope for the future. a€c How the author's work with the government during his 32-year career, his involvement as a whistleblower with the space shuttle Challenger disaster, and his work with the world of government finance have given him opportunities to search for and serve the truth in everyday life.a€c How the a€œControllersa€ of humanity are seeking in vain to bolster the egoic structures they operate to avoid what feels to them like chaos and collapse; whereas the old must give way to the new in every field of life. a€c How the teachings of Jesus are further reflected in many spiritual movements today, including his appearance to Glenda Green resulting in the teachings contained in the epic account entitled qLove Without End: Jesus Speaks.q a€c The role played by UFOs, crop circles and ET contact in helping raise humanity's consciousness of other worlds and our own possibilities within the cosmos. a€c How, in the face of overwhelming environmental, political, economic, and ethical problems facing humanity, the New Earth is yet in formation and how each individual can be a part of it. Specific spiritual practices involving meditation, prayer and contemplation are given to assist in this end.The objective of this book is to explain todaya#39;s spiritual ascension of earth and humanity at this unique period of planetary history and how the Divine Beings are helping us transcend and transform.

Title:Return of the Aeons
Author:Richard C. Cook
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub - 2013-02-08


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