Return of the Plumed Serpent

Return of the Plumed Serpent

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Graham Hancock, an expert in ancient civilisations and author of the 9 million selling Fingerprints of the Gods, and expert too, on the use of hallucinogens to achieve higher states of consciousness, brings these two interests together in the second volume of the War God trilogy. The conquistador HernAin CortAcs is dreaming of Tenochtitlan, the golden city of Aztecs. But in order to win the Aztecs' gold, CortAcs and his small force of just five hundred men will have to defeat the psychotic emperor Moctezuma and the armies of hundreds of thousands he commands. CortAcs expects that the Tlascalans, hereditary enemies of the Aztecs, will join him, but instead finds himself locked in a deadly struggle. As CortAcs risks all against the Tlascalans, he plays mind games with Moctezuma, aiming to defeat the Aztec emperor psychologically before ever having to face him in battle. In this he is aided by his lover Malinal, a beautiful Mayan princess. It is from Malinal that CortAcs learns of the myth of Quetzalcoatl, 'The Plumed Serpent'. She shows him how to exploit the prophecy of the fabled god king's return to weaken Moctezuma's resolve and keep alive the suspicion that the conquistador might actually be Quetzalcoatl himself.War God: Book Two Graham Hancock ... a#39;Among other things that we are sending to Your Highness by way of these our representatives are our instructions that they plead with Your Majesty ... If any shall have been given him, then they should be revoked forthwith, because it is not for the benefit of the Royal Crown that theanbsp;...

Title:Return of the Plumed Serpent
Author:Graham Hancock
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-10-09


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