Return to Fitness

Return to Fitness

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Bill Katovsky was a two-time Hawaii Ironman finisher, a guy who bicycled solo across the U.S., an endurance athlete who competed in a three-day race mountain bike race across Costa Rica. But through a series of misfortunes, including depression, losing his dog, death in his family, and debilitating health problems, Katovsky went from being a multisport junkie to complete couch potato. He stopped working out. For almost ten years! By the time he hit fifty, he decided it was time for a change. How he fought his way back to fitness is not only a riveting, brutally honest, and ultimately inspiring story, it is also a hands-on guide to help anyone reclaim health and well-being. Katovsky supplements his personal story with those of others successfully making a return to fitness - an astronaut who spent five months in space; a former Wall Street trader who lost seventy-five pounds and became Hawaii's Fittest CEO; a retired two-time world-champion Hawaii Ironman triathlete with a bum hip that needed replacing, a Yosemite park employee who broke her spine in a hiking accident and is now back on the trails; and a sixty-something business educator who's had six heart bypasses but still backpacks and goes to the gym. With the advice of personal trainers, fitness experts, and multisport coaches, Katovsky offers a wealth of useful information, including: Diet and nutrition - what you need to know for a healthy body How aging, body fat, and motivation affect physical and mental health; and why exercise is good for depression Successfully building a proper aerobic and strength base - workouts you can do at home! Tips for injury prevention - from avoiding overtraining to why stretching isn't recommended.... Marathons; Rockee; Triathlons, Ryan, Monique, 401 Ryu, Dr. Stephen, 136, 142 S Scientific Sessions, 161 Sabin, Lisa, ... 213, 215 Schwarzenegger, Arnold, 277 Schwinn Airdyne exercise bikes, 215, 217 Scott, Dave, 29, 36 Seagal, Steven, anbsp;...

Title:Return to Fitness
Author:Bill Katovsky - 2011-01-01


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