Returning Home

Returning Home

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Returning Home is a time-travel romance blended with actual historical events and a macramAc of intrigue and murder. Kastina Terrence is a bright and successful physical therapist. Her boyfriend, Tanner McKastner, owns three upscale restaurants. At the wedding of Tanner's younger sister, Kastina finally realizes that her relationship with Tanner is over. Lamenting the end of this relationship, she goes for a stroll in the gardens where the wedding has just taken place. She pauses at the top of a wooden bridge. Suddenly the wind picks up, and she breaks through the bridge's railing into the stream below and back to 1938 to the wedding of Tanner's grandmother. Kastina knows that an enraged desk clerk will kill his grandmother's fiancAc before the wedding can take place. She experiences New York during the Depression, before television, cell phones, and DVDs, and gets to experience the hey day of radio drama, the New York World's Fair, Frank Sinatra in live performance, and other actual historical events. She meets Zachary, Tanner's great-uncle, who is an accomplished artist. She knows that Zachary will eventually die of complications from alcoholism. However, despite her best efforts, she falls in love with him.Will Kastina be able to influence Zachary enough to save him from his fate? Will she be able to prevent Tanner's grandfather from being murdered, and if she does, what will that mean for future generations of the McKastner family?The interior decorating of the apartment was much different from the hotel rooms. The kitchen table was covered with a blue and white checkered tablecloth. A single wooden leg with a huge claw that extended in all directions peeked out fromanbsp;...

Title:Returning Home
Author:Lichelle Christensen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-08


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