Revision Cognitive and Instructional Processes

Revision Cognitive and Instructional Processes

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Revision is a fundamental part of writing and the acquisitionof revision skills is a complex and lengthy process. This book drawstogether current research on revision from two areas. The first is thelarge body of empirical work on the cognitive processes involved inthe revision of written language production. This research looks athow operations of revision intervene during various phases of writing, at the resources or constraints (e.g., working memory load, contentknowledge, strategy use) that affect revision and at developmentalaspects of revision capabilities. The second area of research concernsthe study of students learning to revise texts in instructionalsettings. This research examines the effects of instructional designconditions (structure and sequencing of tasks, strategy instruction, word processing) and the impact of peer interactions on studentacquisition of revision skills.The contributions by European and North American specialists providenew insights into revision processes and raise new questions about theinterplay between cognitive and instructional factors. The authorspresent critical reviews of research findings, as well as recentempirical work conducted in experimental and classroom settings.qRevisionq is an essential resource for researchers in cognitive, developmental and educational psychology who are interested inlanguage acquisition, and for professionals of language instruction, including pre-service and in-service teacher training.In the interview, fourth- and fifth-grade students (high-achieving, low- achieving, and LD) were asked to give advice to another student about planning and revising information for a compare/contrast essay. On the topic of revising, studentsanbsp;...

Title:Revision Cognitive and Instructional Processes
Author:Linda Allal, L. Chanquoy, Pierre Largy
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004


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