Rhineheart's Game:

Rhineheart's Game:

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Being a high-maintenance child in a large family is not easy. For NJ Farnsworth, it is only easy once he learns to pull his share of the chores and to help those in need at school. Inside Rhineheart's Game, NJ has climbed mountains and rescued victims of a major traffic accident. He has performed so well that Rhineheart now has agreed to train him as a member of the game's cadre so he can help other players realize their potential. Although born with the disabling spina bifida, NJ has not let his condition limit him to his wheelchair. Inside the game, he walks and runs, climbs and swims. He participates in life and does all the things that other children do in the real world. Outside of the game, he learns to do for himself, gives help to those around him, and stands up to bullies. Rhineheart also orchestrates life lessons for NJ, which teach him important values, skills, and information so he can realize his own potential in life.They give you a drill which is easy because the answers are all in the book and in the lesson. ... a€œI think she would have given that project a failing grade because we didna#39;t follow instructions. ... Imagine a social studies teacher spending one week teaching her class how rivers and harbors are formed; how ... Then she gives the class an imaginary continent to develop, and spends the next five or six weeks making research materials available and coaching individual students on theiranbsp;...

Title:Rhineheart's Game:
Author:William Staub
Publisher:Author House - 2015-01-16


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