Rick and Bobo

Rick and Bobo

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What would you do if you suddenly had way too much money? After the usual thrills, if you got bored enough, and happened to be two movie fanatic brothers, you might just do something, a little crazyAiRay (Bobo) is an adventurous vagabond, the polar opposite of his quick tempered genius brother, Richard. When one of Ray's fancies makes him a multimillionaire, he calls on his brilliant brother to help him with his wildest idea yet: become a superhero. But when their purchase of key components draws the attention of the megalomaniacal Freya Bakken, the brothers quickly discover that no superhero is complete without a supervillain.AiFive stars! Move over Spiderman, Batman and the Fantastic Four; there are new superheroes in town! -- We need more books like this oneAihigh interest, action packed, funny and very entertaining. This book would become a box office hit if it were made into a movie.Ai AiDebra Gaynor, ReviewYourBook.comAiExtremely impressive, filled with excitement, sharp wit, and a world of `what ifAi so real that you believe. -- Clever realism and entertaining characters combine into a gripping high-stakes story which is whimsical, suspenseful, creative, and just a whole lot of fun to read.Ai AiMichael LaRocca, best-selling author of THE LAZARUS EFFECTVisit http://rickandbobo.com to watch the 3 minute ANIMATED TRAILER!He handed Ruth a Scantron a€œbubble-ina€ exam answer sheet. Next to nearly every ... the test sheet to Gene who shook his head, obviously preferring the tough manual labor of his job to dealing with the shortcomings of his son. Ruth handed theanbsp;...

Title:Rick and Bobo
Publisher:Rick and Bobo - 2009-05


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