Rings, Modules, and Representations

Rings, Modules, and Representations

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This volume originated from talks given at the International Conference on Rings and Things held in June, 2007 at Ohio University-Zanesville. The papers in this volume contain the latest results in current active research areas in the theory of rings and modules, including noncommutative and commutative ring theory, module theory, representation theory, and coding theory. In particular, papers in this volume deal with topics such as decomposition theory of modules, injectivity and generalizations, tilting theory, rings and modules with chain conditions, Leavitt path algebras, representations of finite dimensional algebras, and codes over rings. While most of these papers are original research articles, some are expository surveys. This book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in noncommutative ring and module theory, representation theory, and applications.Sometimes we will just simply say a#39;o[M] has enough fiat modulesa#39; if the property below holds. ... there is a commutative diagram 0IAArXIBArXICArXI0 hAr1A} hAr15} hAr1c} 0a€”agt;AArYa€”agt;BArYa€”agt;CArYa€”agt;0 The two rows are exact 76 JOHN DAUNS.

Title:Rings, Modules, and Representations
Author:Carl Clifton Faith, Barbara Osofsky
Publisher:American Mathematical Soc. - 2009


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