RNA-Protein Interactions : A Practical Approach

RNA-Protein Interactions : A Practical Approach

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RNA-protein interactions play a fundamental role in gene expression and protein synthesis. Recent research into the role of RNA in cells has elucidated many more vital interactions with proteins. This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive guide to a wide range of laboratory procedures to investigate the interactions between RNA and proteins. - ;RNA-protein interactions play a vital role in gene transcription and protein expression. Interactions such as the synthesis of mRNA by RNA polymerases, to the essential modification of RNA by the proteins of the spliceosome complex, and the highly catalytic action of the ribosome in protein synthesis, are established as being fundamental to the function of RNA. Recent research into, for example, the role of RNA as a catalyst, has elucidated many more interactions with proteins that are vital to cell function. RNA - Protein Interactions: A Practical Approach provides a clear and comprehensive guide to the experimental procedures used in studying RNA - protein interactions. The approaches covered range from those initially used to detect a novel RNA-protein interaction, various biochemical and genetic approaches to purifying and cloning RNA binding proteins, through to methods for an in depth analysis of the structural basis of the interaction. The volume includes a number of procedures that have not previously been covered in this type of manual. These include the production of site-specifically modified RNAs by enzymatic and chemical methods and in vivo screening for novel RNA - protein interactions in yeast and E. coli . This is the first volume to gather in one place this wide array of approaches for studying RNA - protein interactions. As is customary for the Practical Approach series, the writing is characterized by a clear explanatory style with many detailed protocols. This informative book will be a valuable aid to laboratory workers in biochemistry and molecular biology - graduate students, postdoctoral and senior scientists - whose research encompasses this field. -LESLIE BELL Molecular Biology Program, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-1340, USA. SABINE BELL Department of Chemistry, University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA.

Title:RNA-Protein Interactions : A Practical Approach
Author:Christopher W.J. Smith
Publisher:Oxford University Press, UK - 1998-07-09


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