Roadmap to 6th Grade Reading and Writing

Roadmap to 6th Grade Reading and Writing

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The Roadmap series works as a year-long companion to earning higher grades, as well as passing the high-stakes 6th Grade Reading and Writing Ohio Proficiency Test that is necessary for grade level promotion. This book has been designed according to the specific standards set forth by the state of Ohio. Now parents can work with their kids to both improve their grades and pass these important tests. The experts at The Princeton Review have analyzed the OPT, and this book provides the most up-to-date, thoroughly researched practice possible. TPR breaks the test down into individual skills and provides lessons modeled after the OPT to familiarize students with the testa€™s structure, while increasing their overall skill level. The Princeton Review knows what it takes to succeed in the classroom and on tests. This book includes strategies that are proven to raise student performance. TPR provides: a€c Content review, detailed lessons, and practice exercises modeled after the actual exam a€c Proven test-taking skills and techniques such as paragraph labeling and outlining drafts a€c 4 complete practice OPTsThe Sixth-grade Ohio Proficiency Test in Writing requires students to write two essays that are each graded on a 4-point system. They may be asked to write a letter, narrative, set of directions, or journal entry. Before writing each essay, anbsp;...

Title:Roadmap to 6th Grade Reading and Writing
Author:Stephanie J. Reents, Princeton Review
Publisher:The Princeton Review - 2002-01


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