Robert Swartwood: Two Complete Novels (The Calling & The Dishonored Dead)

Robert Swartwood: Two Complete Novels (The Calling & The Dishonored Dead)

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From USA Today bestselling author Robert Swartwood, two supernatural thrillers that defy the genre. THE CALLING When eighteen-year-old Christopher Myersa€™ parents are murdered, something is written on his bedroom door, a mark in his parentsa€™ blood that convinces the police the killer has targeted Christopher as the next victim. To keep him safe, he travels away with his estranged grandmother and uncle to the small town of Bridgton, New York. And ita€™s in Bridgton that he meets an extraordinary young man who has come with his father to stop an unrelenting evil. Soon Christopher learns of the towna€™s deep dark secret, and how his parentsa€™ murder was no accident, and how he has been brought to Bridgton by forces beyond his powera€”forces that just may threaten the destruction of all mankind. a€œThe Calling is a powerful, gripping and terrifying novel, the sort that possesses your whole life while youa€™re reading it; ita€™ll stalk you through the day, and inform your dreams. Swartwood has delivered a novel that will become a classic.a€ a€”Tim Lebbon, New York Times bestselling author of The Silence LAND OF THE DEAD In a dystopian future where the animated dead reign, the few remaining living are feared and pursued. Conrad is a Hunter. He's one of the best. But when he hesitates one night in killing a living child, he soon finds himself in a desperate fight to save his sona€”and the entire world. qOne of the smartest, most exciting zombie novels in many years. I absolutely loved it.q a€”Brian Keene, bestselling author of The Rising and GhoulShea#39;s a a#39;76 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Her enginea#39;s a 455 with a V8 I managed to take from a beatup Bonneville. Fourspeed manual, with two hundred horsepower at thirtyfive hundred RPMs. Original vinyl bucket seats, and this baby rightanbsp;...

Title:Robert Swartwood: Two Complete Novels (The Calling & The Dishonored Dead)
Author:Robert Swartwood
Publisher:RMS Press -


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