Rock Art of South-east Cape York

Rock Art of South-east Cape York

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Rock art of south-east Cape York; introduction describes discovery of paintings in Laura area, discusses topography of rock shelters, notes occupation of shelters in wet season, collection of water in bark containers at edge of shelter, lists tribal groups on sandstone plateaux from coast north of Cooktown to Palmer River (Gugu-Yalanji, Gugu-Imudji, Gugu-Warra, Gugu-Bullangi, Gugu-Minni), notes on settlement of Cape York by Europeans, subjects in the paintings (culture heroes, animal motifs), relationship between art and magic, sorcery methods, love magic; stencils, pigments, grinding stones, petroglyphs - notes groups found at Laura River west crossing, St George River, Quinkan galleries, Umbrella Tree Creek, Hann River, motifs, outside influences on Cape York art; recording methods, classification, reasons used in motivation summary listed with explanations; for each area lists galleries giving designs, colours, analysis, remarks - Area I, Crocodile Galleries (Crocodile Station, 18m. south east of Laura), Emu Gallery (2m. north east of the Crocodile Galleries), Pig Gallery (40 yards east of Emu Gallery); Area II, Mushroom Rock (6m. south east of Laura, 2m. north of Laura River), Quinkan Galleries (10m. south east of Laura) - remarks include notes on initiation use, X-ray paintings; Giant Horse Galleries (l0m. south east of Laura) - pig a horse motifs, legends; Area III, Split Rock Group (8m. south east of Laura); Areas IV, Gugu- Yalanji Main Camp Group (1m. west of Split Rock); Area V, Ginger Creek Galleries (8-10m. east of Laura); Area VIII, Red Bluff - Jowolbinna (20m. south west of Laura); Area XI, Mun Gin Creek Galleries (40m. south south west of Laura); Area XIII, Hann River (21m. south west of Roolburra homestead); Area XIV, Bull Creek Gallery (35m. north west of Cooktown), Hopevale Turnoff Galleries ((22m. north west of Cooktown), Normanby River Road Galleries (37m. north west of Cooktown); Area XV, Platform Gallery (26m. northwest of Cooktown); Conclusions, discusses distribution of motifs by subject, importance of paintings in sorcery rites, styles a colours, chronology, evidence from Lardil, Olkula a Wik- Munchan legends, affinities between groups, traits (head shapes)According to Aboriginal informants, the various sites were inherited and handed down within the family groups. Other small shelters near ... Stencil hand (right): dark red (Not charted) 12. Bichrome man (small): ... Bichrome man with rayed head-dress: dark red, outline: cream, interior: cream belt and dots 14. Bichrome mananbsp;...

Title:Rock Art of South-east Cape York
Author:Percy J. Trezise
Publisher: - 1971


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