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AMERICA'S GREATEST ASSET. Robin Monarch, the CIA's top field operative, stumbles across a US governmental conspiracy during a mission in Istanbul. What he sees is enough to make him go rogue. IS NOW ITS GREATEST THREAT. Monarch becomes an international fugitive, hunted by the powers wishing to buy his secret, and by those wanting it buried. Yet Robin Monarch is not perturbed: he has plans of his own. THINK BOURNE. THINK BOND. THINK BAUER. THINK BETTER.The boat shuddered as Fowler downthrottled the engine, and then it rocked slightlyas if theywere drifting. a#39;Wea#39;ll need ... Tell your aunt Ia#39;ll be wiring herthe money I borrowed from her to mount your rescue effort, plus interest.a#39; a#39;And you, Robin?

Author:Mark Sullivan
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-24


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