Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

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Lieutenant Patricia Kelly Elizabeth Strickland?otherwise known as Podkayne?has joined the Music, Arts, and Drama Division of the Martian Navy, passing the audition with a little help from some higher-ups. And now she?s going to Europa, one of Jupiter?s many moons, to be an entertainer. But she?s about to learn that there can be plenty of danger to go around in the Martian Navy, even if you?ve just signed on to sing.We only got a brief glimpse of it from the outside, but it was heavily armored, a cylinder on ceramic tracks, with walls over ... There were only twenty seats in the bus, and our party, with guide, filled only twelve. ... a€œJust about anything that can go wrong, I got a part back there thata#39;ll fix it. ... Ia#39;m not saying it was like a mobile home, just disconnect the water, power, and oxygen and tow it along a well- pavedanbsp;...

Title:Rolling Thunder
Author:John Varley
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-03-04


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