Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics

Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics

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The politics of the internet has entered the social science mainstream. From debates about its impact on parties and election campaigns following momentous presidential contests in the United States, to concerns over international security, privacy and surveillance in the post-9/11, post-7/7 environment; from the rise of blogging as a threat to the traditional model of journalism, to controversies at the international level over how and if the internet should be governed by an entity such as the United Nations; from the new repertoires of collective action open to citizens, to the massive programs of public management reform taking place in the name of e-government, internet politics and policy are continually in the headlines. The Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics is a collection of over thirty chapters dealing with the most significant scholarly debates in this rapidly growing field of study. Organized in four broad sections: Institutions, Behavior, Identities, and Law and Policy, the Handbook summarizes and criticizes contemporary debates while pointing out new departures. A comprehensive set of resources, it provides linkages to established theories of media and politics, political communication, governance, deliberative democracy and social movements, all within an interdisciplinary context. The contributors form a strong international cast of established and junior scholars. This is the first publication of its kind in this field; a helpful companion to students and scholars of politics, international relations, communication studies and sociology.Making Democracy Work: civic traditions in modern Italy. Princeton: Princeton University Press. ... Politics on the Nets: wiring the political process. New York: W. H. Freeman aamp; Co. ... Rattray, G. J. (2001). Strategic Warfare in Cyberspace.

Title:Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics
Author:Andrew Chadwick, Professor of Political Science & Co-Director of the New Political Communication Unit Andrew Chadwick, Associate Professor of Communication Philip N Howard, Assoc, Philip N. Howard
Publisher:Routledge - 2008-08-18


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