RSA and Public-Key Cryptography

RSA and Public-Key Cryptography

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Although much literature exists on the subject of RSA and public-key cryptography, until now there has been no single source that reveals recent developments in the area at an accessible level. Acclaimed author Richard A. Mollin brings together all of the relevant information available on public-key cryptography (PKC), from RSA to the latest applications of PKC, including electronic cash, secret broadcasting, secret balloting systems, various banking and payment protocols, high security logins, smart cards, and biometrics. Moreover, he covers public-key infrastructure (PKI) and its various security applications. Throughout the book, Mollin gives a human face to cryptography by including nearly 40 biographies of the individuals who helped develop cryptographic concepts. He includes a number of illustrative and motivating examples, as well as optional topics that go beyond the basics, such as Lenstra's elliptic curve method and the number field sieve. From history and basic concepts to future trends and emerging applications, this book provides a rigorous and detailed treatment of public-key cryptography. Accessible to anyone from the senior undergraduate to the research scientist, RSA and Public-Key Cryptography offers challenging and inspirational material for all readers.By 1933 Turing had already read Russell and Whiteheada#39;s Principia Mathematica and was deeply immersed in the study ... In August 1939, the British government seconded the Code and Cypher School to Bletchley Park, a Victorian countryanbsp;...

Title:RSA and Public-Key Cryptography
Author:Richard A. Mollin
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-11-12


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